How to get that high & slick pony tail

First you need to grab a good, high hold hair spray (I like Kenra Ultra Freeze 30!) and a boar bristle brush!

Next, you will need to section the hair – kind of like a “half up, half down” do –  starting at the ears and following the jaw line up to the crown of your head (this will create a symmetrical look!). You will create 2 sections by doing this that you will want to pony tail off while you work.

The lower section you will then take and begin combing up into the highest pony tail you can brush it into. Do this with your boar bristle brush and hair spray – spray the brush with the hair spray and brush it into the hair. This will tame any flyaways and ensure a slick look.

Once you have the lower pony tail secured, begin doing the same thing with the second upper section by brushing backwards and joining it with the other pony tail. Be sure that you are holding the hair tight. And again, be sure that you have sprayed your brush with hairspray to tame any and all flyaways.

Secure the second section to the first section with a second ponytail holder, and boom!

You will have a high and tight pony that will last you all day.

For extra stubborn hair, you can also comb in some high hold gel to tame the most wild of flyaways!

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August 06, 2019 at 03:08 AM

For those days you want your texture to work in your favor, do as Ciara does. Slick it into a killer high ponytail, and tease the hell out of your hair for even more volume.