Salon West

As I mentioned in my previous post, I get the privilege of calling Salon West “home”. But what makes it so near and dear to my heart?

Gah, for starters, my salon family. My team is truly talented, loyal, loving, and uplifting. I could not ask for a better group of girls to surround myself with.

Because of our tight nit team, the culture of the salon was born. A culture where guests feel welcomed, comfortable, peaceful, and rejuvenated when they leave. A culture where we share our hearts for the Lord in a very open and honest way with our guests. A culture where we serve the community as a team with our talents and time.

Salon West strives to set a standard for the beauty industry – an industry that can often be catty and uninviting. We want people to know who we are by our actions and our hearts. By the way we serve and honor one another. And most importantly by the way our hearts reflect the Lord’s love for his people.

As for creating hair, we use the best tools and products the industry has to offer 😉 We are a Kenra Exclusive salon! All of our stylists *mostly* use Kenra as our primary product line; Kenra offers the best color, lightener, and styling products. Their color leaves the hair shiny and rich, and the longevity of the color is unreal. Kenra’s styling products help us to achieve hair styles with ease, as their goal is to be user friendly! In addition to Kenra, I personally use products from Redken, Joico, and MyDentity – all of which I absolutely believe in and love as well.

Salon West is absolutely the best place to work – I am so thankful!


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