Finding my way Home

Hi everyone! I am a Nashville Native who decided to ditch the books and pick up the brush (a makeup brush that is ;)) to pursue a career as a hair and makeup artist! My journey started in 2013 when I began hair school at The Salon Professional Academy in Nashville.

After 10.5 months, I graduated from school and decided to “try college” for 2 years. After doing so (and trying 7195730 different majors), I realized that doing hair and makeup was my first love, so I decided to withdraw from school in order to completely submerge myself back into the beauty industry. While in college, I was working at Salon West part-time assisting my friend and boss, Kelsey West. After withdrawing from school, I began full time at the salon. Since making the decision to follow my passion, I have been thriving! I love absolutely every minute that I get to be in the salon and out in the field and count it a great privilege that I get to create different looks every day.

In addition to working in the salon, I also help my husband on set (he is also a Nashville Native who works in the film industry here!) doing hair and makeup for various shoots.

I absolutely come alive in this industry – between getting to be creative and connecting with my clients on such an amazing level, it truly is the best career I could have chosen for myself. I love to love people through the art of doing hair and makeup, and man, am I a blessed woman because of it.

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